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How does a high authority Wikipedia rank you for your website? Thatӳ because Wikipedia gives you a link with the following metrics: 

  • MASSIVE Trust Flow of over (100 TF)
  • MASSIVE Domain Authority (100 DA)
  • MASSIVE Back Links (has over 2 Billion)
  • MASSIVE Ranking (#7 Most visited website on the internet)
  • MASSIVE Traffic with tens of millions of people visiting each day

"Google absolutely loves Wikipedia"

Today, you can get a backlink from one of the most trusted websites in the world for just

Wikipedia is a goldmine for building one-way backlinks to your website to: 

Boost Credibility: Tell your visitors that you were mentioned in Wikipedia. Sites mentioned in Wikipedia are seen as more trustworthy by prospective visitors and clients. 

Improve SEO: Wikipedia is a 100 DA website that Google absolutely loves. Gain a Wikipedia link to send link authority to your website.

Drive Traffic: Wikipedia is the #7 Most visited website in the world, according to Alexa. When visitors click your links from Wikipedia, you get free referral traffic that converts!

Generate Sales: When Google sees your website trust increase, they will send you more search engine traffic that leads to sales.


Do I have to change anything on my website? 
No! We simply make it work out of the box, you don't have to change anything. 

Does this WikiLink Service work for any business? 
Yes, absolutely. This advanced SEO service can help nearly any online company or small business websites, blogs, online shops, affiliate websites, YouTube channels and videos, eBay stores, Amazon product pages and even social media profile pages on Facebook or Twitter. 

Which SEO value does this Service give to my website? 
This proven method can improve your websites authority and uplift your rankings to the next level. 

How can you provide guaranteed WikiLinks for my website? 
Because we have a team of trusted Wikipedia editors who are capable of adding your links without any issues.