The Best 2017 SEO Ranking Guide For Local Businesses


Ranking factors in 2017 have continued to adjust and keep SEO Agencies on their toes. Below is the step by step blueprint we recommend for all real local businesses.

The bottom line up front is that business owners want and need to reach more customers. It's a crucial part of growing and staying ahead of the competition, but how is it done?
-The very first Pre-Step you'll want to take is to make sure you have verified your business location in Google. It's a very simple process. 

Just go to this link and follow the steps: ==>
-Day 1-
1.) On Page SEO:
A.) Keywords & Internal Link Structure:  Ok, so this simply means getting your page titles, keyword density, and internal links optimized for exactly what Google wants to see, but being careful not to overdo it. Yes, you can over optimize. It is definitely something you want to avoid!
Just by making good on page SEO changes alone will boost your site's relevancy and your rankings.
One must be very careful not to over optimize though as that could cause your site to be penalized. On Page SEO has almost become as technical as a mechanic working on a car engine due to new things such as schema and proper URL structure. For that reason alone it is recommended to let a professional handle this for you. 
So here is a link to the best on page SEO service you can get ==> Click Here (Takes about 5 Days to complete)
-Day 3-
2a.) Local Citations:
It is CRITICAL that you do this part right. This is one of the strongest factors for ranking local businesses in Google's map search results. This is where 95% of new clients come from who find local websites. The key thing here is to ensure your business name, address, and phone number are identical on every single citation site. Citations sites include directories such as FourSquare, Yelp,, etc., but you want to target as many as possible really. 
Let me stress that this is an extremely tedious process so save yourself the trouble and hire a professional citation builder.
==> Professional Citation Builder (Takes about 8 Days to complete)
2b.) Google Map Citations:
100+ Business citations from separate and unique accounts. This will help you get Local business citations directly inside Google Maps, and surely get into the snack pack to increase your business' visibility
==> Professional Maps Citation Builder (Takes about 8 Days to complete)
-Day 5-
3.) Press Release:
Press Releases are an amazing way to jump start your website. If they are done correctly you can boost your website's trust and authority almost overnight.  This service has the EXACT same distribution that PRWeb has. PRWeb charges $369 for this and you can get the exact same thing at a fraction of the cost. It's really THAT good! You Get in Google News & Other Links Like (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, KUTV)
-Day 7-
4.) Build Your Social Fortress:
The dangerous part about link building is when you get too aggressive by sending links directly to your website. So for that reason we must create a social fortress to protect your website and also pass rankings safely. So in order to do this we need to create branded social profiles such as Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. 
==> Create Your Social Fortress Here (Takes about 15 Days to complete)
And the best part for the service above is that it also creates a tiered syndication system so when you post something on your site it automatically gets pushed out to all these social properties. This helps build up your links over time and looks great for the search engines.
<== The 5 Ring Network Option is by far the Most Powerful.
-Day 10-
5.) Get a Wikipedia Backlink:
If you have ever tried to edit a Wikipedia page to add your link only to find it removed by some editor you'll want to keep reading. Wikipedia is one of the greatest authority websites on the internet and Google knows it.  A backlink from this site instantly gives your site a ton of authority and link power that forces Google to take notice. Up until recently obtaining this type of coveted backlink has been next to impossible. Luckily there is also a service for this which guarantees link placement and it is single-handedly responsible for moving my site up 5 positions within 2 days. Order the service below and have the link built directly to your main website.
-Day 20-
6.)  Social Signals:
Social signals are important for 2 reasons. #1 is that they show your customers that your site and your brand are socially valued.  Let me put it this way...would you want to eat at a restaurant where no one else is eating?  It would make you think twice, that's for sure. The same goes for your business. People want to go to where other people want to go. It's just human nature. And reason #2 is that search engines such as Google also understand this is an indicator of relevancy and value.  So the more quality social signals your site has the better chance you have to outrank your competitor with all other things being equal. 
Twitter==> Twitter Retweets
Pinterest==> Pinterest Backlinks
-Day 23-
7.) Google Property Authority Stack:
Ok so now that you have the social fortress completed above it's time to start stacking your authority into those properties in a certain way that Google Loves. This is a super powerful service that is known to only very few SEO experts.
Use This Service to Build Massive Authority
When you order the service make sure you include your Tier 1 links from your Social Fortress Above.
-Day 30-
8.) Get Google Reviews:
One of the biggest factors Google considers for page 1 is the # of Google reviews your business has. One of the best things you can do is have a computer setup at your office so your clients can leave feedback immediately following a visit.
If you want to get some of the best quality reviews immediately there is a service for that. I'll leave it up to you whether you do this or not do to the ethics of it and all. The only thing I can say is that it works and it works very well. How many should you get?  Well, just get as many as your competition has and then add about 5 more :) If you have to order a lot we recommend not to do more than 5-15 per month to ensure it looks natural.
-Day 35-
9.) Profile Links:
This method has been abused quite a bit in the past so you have to be smart about it. There is a service that finds you links on really powerful domains such as Adobe, TED, HP, and more.
Visit this link ==> Authority Link Building Service
-Day 40-
10.) Yahoo Answers:
Yahoo Answers is a great way to promote your business and get traffic to your website. It is also good for ranking higher because Google sees there is some form of social interest in your brand/website.
Get the Yahoo Answers Package here ==> Yahoo Answers Service
-Day 50-
11.) Advanced Tiered Link Building Package:
GSA Now that you have come this far with the above steps you can start to put a lot more power into the combined link building you do. For this reason we have developed a tiered linking structure that is very powerful. At this stage it is advisable to select the Advanced tiered package and then in the future you can select the enterprise one as your site continues to climb the rankings. 

-Day 60-
12.) Premium Guest Blog Post:
We have privileged guest post editors working for us who specialize in content marketing and paid citations. This means you now have access to high authority editorial links placed on some of the most prestigious sites around the world. This is the most powerful type of link you can recieve.
Here's how to get started ==> Premium Blog Post
-Day 65-
18.) CrowdSearch Traffic:
This is one of those secret ninja tricks only known to few, but those that do absolutely crush their competition. 
Google is getting smarter and smarter so one of the biggest things they now look at is user experience. Basically, if a user types in the keyword they are searching for and then clicks on your website and stays for a while it is a Huge signal to Google (and other search engines) that your website is relevant for that search and the user had a great experience. 
So it's really genius what CrowdSearch does. It has thousands upon thousands of real people who will search for your keyword and then go through the pages until your website is found and click on it. They will then browse your site for a few minutes and then eventually leave.  The end result? Google sees your site as being relevant for whatever keyword term that person searched for and your site starts to rank higher and higher.
The service is actually closed to the public, but we have a backdoor link for you below:
Day 65+

At this point your website should be ranking very well and climbing even higher. Much of the work done in the previous steps is still being counted in Google's algorithm so results will just continue to improve.

This is not the time to simply sit back and relax though because like all good markets their is competition and they will be working twice as hard to catch you.


The best thing to do is the following:

1. Continue to use

2. Consider ordering the Enterprise tiered linking package now that your site has an excellent backlink profile.

3. Order 1 Premium Guest Blog post every 1-2 months.


By following this guideline above you will be able to make your site the most relevant search result and the most popular. These are SEO techniques perfected for 2017 so we know they work very well.