The Man Behind the Crew

With thousands of rankings and some of the most popular SEO software ever created in Jon's resume, you can rest assured that RankCrew services are powerful and effective. He's always keeping up with the latest SEO trends so RankCrew is always on top of things!

The Link Building Experts

Our link building service is manned by a veteran crew of SEO experts who have been building links for years! They know all of the ins and outs of each link type and they are more than just "workers," they understand search engines and how to get sites ranked!

The Seasoned Support Professional

Daniel Walls is our highly motivated support manager with years of experience in customer satisfaction. If you need help or have questions you can rest assured that his team of U.S. based support professionals will be there to help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All of our submission lists contain ONLY sites that have PageRank at the root. That means that all links are coming from sites with a PR of 1-9 to reduce the chances of your link ending up on a low quality site!

Michael S. Brown

RankCrew is one of my Go To services that I am now using to rank my sites in the top of Google. Link building can be a tedious task but RankCrew makes this easy and saves me hours of time that I can spend using to make more money instead! I highly recommend this service to everyone including my affiliate marketing students.

Darren Haynes

I went with the Rank Crew package for new sites. A week after the package started, I began to see positive ranking shifts. 6 months later, and I have not done any other link building since, and some keywords are in the top 1 - 5 in Google. As a result of these rankings, I am making Amazon Affiliate sales every month for products that sell between $100 - $500 a piece. Nice!

Tim Shank

I had an old website that had lost its rankings. When I came to Rank Crew, I was ranking on page 8 and page 20 for my top 2 keywords and was getting no traffic. After running some link-building tasks on Rank Crew, my rankings came back.

Thanks to Rank Crew, I went from getting ready to scrap the website to getting regular traffic from Google and best of all, I'm getting new clients.

John Roberts

I have used RankCrew project submissions several times in the past few months and have definitely seen my website rankings (along with sales) increase. Not only are the project submissions reasonably priced but I love the fact that I get to choose the content and keywords ... the help videos ... tell you exactly what you need to put in each field to make sure you get the highest success rates. I plan on continuing to submit more projects through the great RankCrew service.

Konrad Braun

...I have been using their services nonstop. Why? Because the results I get (from using them) speak for themselves!

Jonathan Leger ... is an absolute SEO genius. ... When it comes to getting top Google ranking, he's the real deal! I absolutely love RankCrew and am constantly recommending it to my clients. It simply is fantastic!

Jamie K. Rose
RankCrew Client

I use Rank Crew's services for all of my websites as well as my client's. Their manually created backlinks are some of the best I have seen and my rankings shot up within a few weeks of using their services.

Their customer service is top notch and they truly make backlinking an effortless task! Highly Recommend!

Ed Seward
JLForums User

RankCrew works... works quite well...and is underpriced. My site ranks between #1 and #2 spots for the primary keyword. I expected it to take me a year or more to make the top five for this competitive keyword. I never expected to rank #1 this soon for the main keyword, as the site that had that spot was a 12 year old authority site for the keyword.

Bob McGuire

Since using I went from about 20 keywords to 77 keywords on page 1 in about three months...The traffic is still growing a little bit all the time and I'm very grateful. I plan to continue using to keep on improving my results.

Barry Hunt

I just wanted to say that I have 3 websites, that you have now completed back link packages for and I could not be happier - my traffic has just increased by about 700%!

Thank you so much, you can safely say that I will be using your service again and again.

Michael Bannert
RankCrew Client

I have used Rankcrew's service numerous times and am happy with their service ... well done Rankcrew! I'll be coming back for more for sure. I can wholeheartedly recommend this service and their experts to anyone who wants to improve their rankings and get the
best team to do it for you!



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